Functional Status Assessment of Seniors in the Emergency Department (using the FSAS-ED tool ©)

Continuing Professional Development (CDP) for Occupational Therapists École de réadaptation - Faculté de médecine - Université de Montréal     THEORETICAL TRAINING Duration : 7 hours   SUMMARY When an elderly person presents to the emergency room of a hospital, the healthcare team must quickly make a decision regarding the need for admission or the feasibility of a return home. Screening tools validated for emergencies identify elderly people at risk of decline but do not provide information on their functional status. The tool "Assessment of functional status in the emergency department for the elderly (ESFU-PA)" was developed specifically for this purpose. This tool addresses functioning through the basic activities of daily living and certain environmental factors. Based on the information collected, the evaluator makes recommendations regarding the direction and follow-up to be given priority. Teaching methods: The proposed training will take place by combining short lectures, group discussions and knowledge integration activities based on clinical vignettes. Workshop structure and participant engagement activities: Presentation of participants Presentations Clinical utility of occupational therapy in the emergency department The ESFU-PA tool (Context, development of the tool) Administration of the ESFU-PA tool (basic principles, notation, description of items) Clinical Vignettes (Practical group exercises from videos) Targeted audience : Occupational therapists wishing to develop their professional skills in emergency services, particularly in connection with the evaluation of the functional state of the elderly who consult there. The training will take place synchronously and remotely on the ZOOM platform. It will not be saved. For any question relating to this training, please contact us and do not contact the trainer directly. OBJECTIVES As part of this training activity, participants: Become familiar with the professional practice of occupational therapists in emergency departments, Distinguish the particularities of practice in the emergency room compared to that done in acute care. Will plan their assessment process based on the ESFU-PA tool, for which the basic principles will be transmitted to them during the training. TRAINER  Nathalie Veillette   Nathalie Veillette is an associate professor at the School of Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montreal, as well as a researcher at the Research Center of the University Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal. She has a background in occupational therapy, psychology (master's degree in neuropsychology) and a doctorate in biomedical sciences (rehabilitation option). She has solid clinical experience and is recognized for her expertise and leadership in the evaluation of functional status in the emergency room. Her research focuses mainly on the implementation of the ESFU-PA tool, which she developed during her doctoral studies (in collaboration with Louise Demers and Élisabeth Dutil), as well as hospital discharge planning. Nathalie Veillette was involved as a co-researcher in the "Canadian Emergency Team Initiative (CETI)". It is a team of researchers from Canadian emergency departments and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). In 2016, she was the first non-physician recipient of the Betty Havens Prize awarded by the CIHR Institute of Aging. This award is intended to recognize individuals, teams or organizations that have advanced knowledge translation in the field of aging and the application of research in the field of aging. SCHEDULE Detailed schedule     Dates 2022-2023 : May 25, 2023  (online) 8h30 to 16h30 (Montreal time) REGISTRATION FEES  230$ (taxes included) Members of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapist (CAOT) benefit from a 15% discount for this training (promo code: ACE15) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Target audience : Occupational therapists ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT Contact: Email : Phone : 514 343-6111 EXT 1890